About Dave Rodriguez Rolfer

About Dave Rodriguez,
Certified Rolfer ™ and Licensed Massage Therapist

p 8 dave-to-waistThank you for your interest in my work and what I do for people.  Here’s a bit more of my story:

I had been working in the insurance industry for over 20 years when I felt compelled to make the move to what I do now: giving people the ability to live happier, more joyful and satisfying lives through rolfing and positive attitude.

I received my BA in Psychology and German from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles, but got out of there as fast as I could after graduating high school. I have also lived in Monterey/Santa Cruz (CA), Washington DC, Chicago (I miss it!), Denver, Berlin Germany, Zurich Switzerland. I also lived in San Diego for over 10 years while still working in insurance a few years back. Something called me back here (and I’m not sure yet what it was), but I’m thrilled to be back in the city where my soul feels at home.

As with many bodywork professionals, I discovered Rolfing ® in an effort to combat my own ongoing pain:

  • I suffered from sciatica for about 8 years from a ruptured
    spinal disc from lifting weights
  • I dealt with plantar fasciitis from using bad form or pushing
    myself too hard while jogging
  • I was attending law school with approximately 20 pounds of books
    hanging on my right shoulder in my backpack for many months,
    which made my shoulder hurt terribly. The weight of the backpack made
    me start to slouch to the right, and made my whole right and left sides
    hurt from trying to balance my body out
  • I had suffered from debilitating pain in one of my ribs since I was a child
  • My stress goes directly to either my upper or lower back, and I had
    daily back and neck pain
  • I tore the same quad (upper leg muscle) twice from playing softball

The sad thing is that I learned to “live with the pain”. That is, the pain was still there, but I learned to ignore it. In our rush-rush world, we often learn to ignore signs and signals that are letting us know that something is not right. Not only is this taxing on our bodies, it saps us of energy and often becomes an excuse for being in a perpetual “bad mood”. Life can be so much better than that…………….

After years of going to doctors with no real change in my pain levels, and tired of taking meds to combat the never-ending pain, I decided to try Rolfing SI, and my life changed drastically.

Since my first few rolfing sessions, my ongoing pain is gone. On top of that, the little aches and pains that I used to have never last more than a day or two anymore. I have had to change and be mindful of my physical movement to keep my body in alignment, but that small bit of effort is worth it. I feel better today than I did 10 or even 20 years ago!

I have always been involved in physical activities – baseball, football, golf, track and field, weight lifting, tennis, roller-skating, snow-skiing. I was a sprinter from the age of 9 through college, but then as my body couldn’t go as fast as I once could, I transitioned to longer distances – 5k’s, 10k’s and one half-marathon (so far). I very much enjoy helping people extend their physical abilities in sports. For sports like golf, maximum body flexibility and mobility can make the difference between a good game and a great game!

I enjoy travel, learning foreign languages, running, the beach, road trips, collecting music, healthy life choices, spirituality and a good laugh. I am passionate about animals.