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Certain questions tend to come up frequently for Dave.

On this page, he covers a number of them so that, hopefully, you’ll feel more informed before reaching out to contact him.




Is Rolfing a type of massage?

– No. In my own opinion, massage works to affect tissue to relieve the body of stress and discomfort, but does not do so in an attempt to affect long-lasting to permanent physical changes. Rolfing, on the other hand, considers the current state of the body and looks to relieve the client of pain, whether ongoing or temporary, by manipulating the fascia and connective tissue, both of which can hold our bodies in painful postures and patterns. Freeing the fascia and connective tissue of patterns for which the body was not “designed” can greatly relieve the client of his or her pain/pain patterns. What is similar is that both are done on a massage table.

I have heard that Rolfing is painful. What’s the story?

– Although I hesitate to make a blanket statement, most of the stories of rolfing and pain come from practitioners who were trained when Rolfing was still in its infancy. Since that time, the training at the Rolf Institute has changed so that we rolfers are able to have the same (or better) efficacy with only a fraction of the discomfort. There might be some occasions of discomfort during your session. In that case, you can feel free to let your practitioner know and he or she can use less or different pressure.

What do I wear? Or will I have to completely undress?

– It is best that your Rolfer ™ can see how your body moves in his or her assessment that will usually take place at the beginning and end of your session, and for them to be able to touch onto areas of the body such as around the hips, down the back, etc. As such, it is standard for clients to wear underwear during the sessions. If you are not comfortable with this, you can discuss the subject with your practitioner. It would also work for men to wear boxer briefs or dolphin shorts, or for women to wear a sports bra and dolphin shorts. Nudity is definitely not required, nor is it appropriate. You can also be draped while being Rolfed if that would be more comfortable.

– Some people have expressed that they don’t want to try any type of bodywork because they don’t feel comfortable being undressed because they are not comfortable with their own body, or maybe they’ll try it after they feel like they’re “in shape”. My body is not exactly where I want it to be either, and I certainly have worked on people of all sizes. When you walk into my office, there is no judgment whatsoever. You can feel free to express your being uncomfortable about the situation as well.

Is this done on an ongoing basis? For how long?

– There are no time requirements. You can come for one session, or integrate Rolfing into your life on a longer-term basis. Often one 10-series will “hold” for the rest of one’s life with no further work or only occasional maintenance sessions needed in the future.

– The most effective way to make change in your body that will hold for a longer duration is to undertake the 10-Series. The 10-Series works out the detrimental patterns of all parts of the body so that the entire body can work as an integrated unit. Often a bad pattern in one part of the body can detrimentally effect another or other parts of the body, and you might never put the two together. An example is if you hurt your foot, and altered the way your foot hits the ground. After a while, your legs and hips will probably start to hurt, even though you never did anything directly to hurt those parts of your body. We see this happen very often with clients. One of my teachers said it perfectly: If you have cracking on the ceiling of the 3rd floor of a building, you can patch it over and over, but the crack will continue to come back if the problem is due to a problem in the foundation. You have to correct the foundation first……..

– Some people will do a series of 3 to see if they want to make a commitment to a 10 series. A 3 series will begin to open up your structure and will give you a glimpse into the possibilities of a 10 series. I welcome any inquiries about this route. In any case, there is no pressure from me at all to undertake the 10-Series. I will say, though, that with the clients that I’ve worked with so far, the ones who see the most dramatic changes are the ones who do complete the 10-Series.

Any other questions that you might have, please do contact me! Believe me, I’ve been asked all types of questions. Nothing can shock me!